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Current Rank
NameAverageTotal Ratings
1Birdhouse In Your Soul9.29515
2Ana Ng9.29482
3Don't Let's Start9.24352
4Till My Head Falls Off9.21224
5She's An Angel9.21325
6Doctor Worm9.19320
7Where Your Eyes Don't Go9.18245
8The End Of The Tour9.16259
9The Communists Have The Music9.1690
10They'll Need A Crane9.12282
11Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal9.12190
12When Will You Die9.12191
13No One Knows My Plan9.11189
14Spiraling Shape9.11249
15Can't Keep Johnny Down9.11195
16Let's Get This Over With9.11112
17Destination Moon9.10192
18You're On Fire9.10149
19Am I Awake?9.10144
20Rhythm Section Want Ad9.10207
21South Carolina9.08119
23I Palindrome I9.07230
24Kiss Me, Son Of God9.07176
25Museum Of Idiots9.07217
26It's Not My Birthday9.07188
27Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head9.07264
28I Love You For Psychological Reasons9.0792
30Nightgown Of The Sullen Moon9.06157
32We Live In A Dump9.06147
34Purple Toupee9.06217
35Climbing The Walls9.06189
36A Self Called Nowhere9.05194
37Metal Detector9.05156
38This Is Only Going To Go One Way9.0520
39The Neck Rolls Aren't Working9.0561
41The Statue Got Me High9.04214
43Dinner Bell9.03195
44Mrs. Bluebeard9.0283
46Sensurround (Soundtrack Version)9.0253
47I Should Be Allowed To Think9.02159
48The Bells Are Ringing9.02122
50Now Is Strange9.0199
51Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes9.01146
52Man, It's So Loud In Here9.00192
56I'm Impressed8.98156
57Snowball In Hell8.98138
58Unsupervised, I Hit My Head8.9886
59I've Got A Match8.97171
60(Put Your Hand Inside The) Puppet Head8.9734
61Welcome To The Jungle8.9767
62Marty Beller Mask8.97100
63Push Back The Hands8.9788
64Meet The Elements8.9786
66Birdhouse In Your Soul (Live STD)8.9626
67Let Me Tell You About My Operation8.9693
69Mr. Me8.96137
70Nanobots (Song)8.95109
71Where Your Eyes Don't Go (BBC)8.9521
72Mrs. Train8.95100
73Everything Right Is Wrong Again8.95156
74Hopeless Bleak Despair8.95116
75The Cap'm8.95153
76Why Does The Sun Shine? (Live STD)8.9538
78Rest Awhile8.9470
79Experimental Film8.94222
80Last Wave8.9497
81Music Jail, Pt. 1 & 28.9391
82Starry Eyes8.9330
83Why Does The Sun Shine? (Science Version)8.9226
84Vancouver (Studio)8.9225
85We Want A Rock8.92166
86I'll Be Haunting You8.9147
88Four Of Two8.9178
89Someone Keeps Moving My Chair8.91132
90Up The Junction8.9111
91Los Angeles8.9042
92I'm Your Boyfriend Now (Demo)8.9031
93The Famous Polka8.9091
94When The Light Comes On8.9010
95We've Got A World That Swings8.9059
97See The Constellation8.89140
98What Is Everyone Staring At?8.8956
99My Man8.89111
100Certain People I Could Name8.89107
101When The Lights Come On8.8878
103Mr. Me (Live At XM Studio)8.8817
105The Second Longest Night8.8825
106Till My Head Falls Off (Live STD)8.8825
108You Probably Get That A Lot8.8891
109I'm Your Boyfriend Now8.88106
110The Songs Of The 50 States8.8856
111Narrow Your Eyes8.87127
112No Answer8.8779
113Stone Cold Coup D'État8.87101
114Hovering Sombrero8.87116
116Sally Boy Candy Bar8.8659
119Man, It's So Loud In Here (Demo)8.8621
120I Left My Body8.8596
121Backstabbing Liar8.8534
122Brain Problem Situation8.85154
124I Enjoy Being A Boy8.8546
125Doctor Worm (Dial-A-Song)8.8513
126The Darlings Of Lumberland8.84103
127Memo To Human Resources8.84109
129Weep Day8.8468
131End Of The Rope8.8467
132Snowball In Hell (Demo)8.8312
134She Was A Hotel Detective8.8398
135Careful What You Pack8.83109
136Don't Let's Start (Single Mix)8.8257
137Boss Of Me8.8277
138Stormy Pinkness8.8148
139Los Angeles (Studio)8.8132
140Which Describes How You're Feeling (Demo)8.8132
141The Lady And The Tiger8.81122
142Trouble Awful Devil Evil8.8153
143The Mesopotamians8.81191
144I'm All You Can Think About8.8172
145Whistling In The Dark8.81113
148AKA Driver8.80122
149They Got Lost (Live STD)8.7934
150Monsters Of Mud8.7953
153Shape Shifter8.7952
154Now That I Have Everything8.7961
155Miller Time8.7823
156Space Suit8.7896
158Bee Of The Bird Of The Moth8.78135
159Thunderbird (Demo)8.7818
160House Of Mayors (Song)8.7836
161Turn Around8.77111
162West Virginia8.7753
163Alphabet Of Nations (Live)8.7722
164James K. Polk8.77125
165I Am A Paleontologist8.7781
166Spoiler Alert8.7685
167We Live In A Dump (Demo)8.7617
168Metal Detector (Other Thing)8.7617
169It's Fun To Steal (Song)8.7625
170With The Dark8.75122
171By The Time You Get This8.7567
172Miniature Sidewalk Whirlwind8.7563
173First Kiss8.7559
174We Just Go Nuts At Christmastime8.7431
176Renew My Subscription8.7468
177Re-Pete Offender8.7315
178I Haven't Been Right Yet8.7330
179Damn Good Times8.73149
180Cloisonné (Live)8.7322
181It Said Something8.7340
182You Are Old, Father William8.7218
183Ant (Dial-A-Song)8.7218
184Wearing A Raincoat8.7293
185Mr. Me (Other Thing)8.7232
186One Everything8.7232
187She's An Angel (Live STD)8.7128
188Maybe I Know (Wax Cylinder)8.7114
190Sleeping In The Flowers8.71132
191Alphabet Of Nations8.7169
193First Album Medley8.7117
194Fingertips (Live Almanac)8.7117
195Processional 38.7117
196Everything Right Is Wrong8.7037
197Am I Awake? (Clock Radio Version)8.7010
198Out Of A Tree8.7010
199Ana Ng (Live STD)8.7020
200Asbury Park8.7030
201Call You Mom8.7093
202The World's Address8.69101
203The Poisonousness8.6926
205When It Rains It Snows8.6968
206Metal Detector (Live)8.6932
208Meet James Ensor (Live STD)8.6825
209Applause Applause Applause8.6831
210Thinking Machine8.6834
211Number Two8.6840
212It's Kickin' In8.6789
213Money For Dope8.6746
214Lucky Ball & Chain8.67109
215It's Not My Birthday (Live)8.6721
217Kids Are Different Now8.6721
219Town To Town8.6721
221Birdhouse In Your Soul (Demo)8.6730
223On The Drag8.6662
224Broke In Two8.66100
225I've Been Seeing Things8.6638
226Apartment Four8.6638
227Kitten Intro8.6638
228Snail Shell8.66143
229Or So I Have Read8.6632
230We Live In A Dump (Podcast Version)8.6414
231Rocket Ship8.6436
232When It Rains It Snows (Demo)8.6422
233Out Of Jail8.6496
234One More Parade8.6330
235Tippecanoe And Tyler Too8.6245
236New York City8.61136
237Extra Krispy8.6123
238Feast Of Lights8.6128
239Dirt Bike8.6098
240Meet James Ensor8.60128
241Put It To The Test8.6035
243Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May?8.6020
245Robert Lowell8.5927
246My Evil Twin8.5983
247Half A Boy8.5917
248Everything Is Catching On Fire8.5934
249It Was A Very Good Year8.5929
250The House At The Top Of The Tree8.5958
251Four Of Two (Demo)8.5941
253Dark And Metric8.5850
254Pittsburgh (Studio)8.5819
255Stormy Pinkness (Love Version)8.5826
256All The Lazy Boyfriends8.5761
257I'm In A Rut8.5714
258I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die (Demo)8.5714
259Subway Token To Brooklyn8.5714
260Authenticity Trip8.5756
261Istanbul (Not Constantinople)8.57167
262They Might Be Giants (Song)8.5795
263Lullabye To Nightmares (Extended)8.5618
264Ana Ng (Demo)8.5618
266Withered Hope8.55130
267Kings Of The Cave8.5529
268Shoehorn With Teeth8.55116
270To A Forest8.5531
271Can You Find It?8.5542
272Piece Of Dirt8.5588
274Thankful For Your Service8.5522
275Somebody's Body8.5424
276The Guitar8.54137
277Best Regrets8.5426
278Make It The Same8.5413
2791999 - Cowtown Medley8.5413
280Why Did You Grow A Beard?8.5471
282We're The Replacements8.5471
283They Might Be Giants (Song) (1984 Demo)8.5315
284How Much Cake Can You Eat?8.5315
287Cyclops Rock (Demo)8.5317
288Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Live STD)8.5317
289I Am Alone8.5334
290Particle Man8.53161
291New Hampshire8.5338
292Mink Car (Song)8.5378
293Lost My Mind8.5380
294Mas Fun8.5227
295Triops Has Three Eyes8.5231
296Why Does The Sun Really Shine?8.5151
297Youth Culture Killed My Dog8.51106
298Rhythm Section Want Ad (Live 1985)8.5016
299Oranges (Alt)8.5010
300Doctor Worm - The Famous Polka (Live)8.5020
301Particle Man (Live STD)8.5016
3049 Secret Steps8.5056
305Guitar Was The Case8.5026
306Here Comes Science (Song)8.5024
308The Bloodboat8.5016
309It Never Fails8.5026
310Pet Name8.50103
311All Time What8.4973
31225 O'Clock8.4829
313Kiss Me, Son Of God (Alternate Version)8.4844
314Bills, Bills, Bills8.4844
315Lullabye To Nightmares8.4844
316Asbury Park (Studio)8.4821
319Tiny Doctors8.4753
321How Now Dark Cloud?8.4734
322(She Was A) Hotel Detective (Single Mix)8.4732
325Mysterious Whisper8.4628
326Hello Hello8.4628
327Cowtown (1985 Demo)8.4613
328(Since You Joined) The Corporation8.4613
329Lie Still, Little Bottle8.4698
331Critic Intro8.4522
333Good To Be Alive8.4575
334Dog On Fire8.4529
335Which Describes How You're Feeling8.4490
336Hell Hotel8.4443
338Save Your Life8.4425
340Dunkin Of Course Of Course8.4323
342She's Actual Size (New Live Version)8.4321
343I Am A Human Head8.4356
344Boat Of Car (Other Thing)8.4314
345Stand On Your Own Head8.4389
346Lines Upon A Tranquil Brow8.4219
348Working Undercover For The Man8.4274
349Rat Patrol8.4267
350Stalk Of Wheat8.4279
351Absolutely Bill's Mood8.42115
352What Are We Doin' To Pigs?8.4224
353Unctuous Robot8.4117
355Hide Away Folk Family8.41117
356Diving Board8.4137
357The Fellowship Of Hell8.4047
358Processional 18.4010
359Pencil Rain8.4098
360Women & Men8.40101
361Concrete And Clay8.3923
362Nixon's The One8.3923
364Dallas (Studio)8.3918
365I'm Having A Heart Attack8.3931
366Lazyhead And Sleepybones8.3944
367Unsupervised, I Hit My Head (Demo)8.3813
368No One Knows My Plan (Demo)8.3813
369Sodium Mask8.3813
370Moving To The Sun8.3834
371Jackie The Clipper8.3829
372Read A Book8.3824
374Severe Tire Damage Theme8.3719
375Fun Assassin8.3644
376Your Racist Friend8.36132
378Doctor Worm (Demo)8.3517
379Contrecoup (Demo)8.3534
380Cast Your Pod To The Wind8.3520
383Other Father Song8.3546
384Alphabet Lost And Found8.3546
385Whole Lot Of Glean8.3526
386I'm A Little Airplane8.3429
387Stomp Box8.3494
388I Am A Ring8.3312
389What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round?8.3315
390Don't Let's Start (1985 Demo)8.3234
391Poison Flowers8.3231
392How Can I Sing Like A Girl?8.3293
393Love Is Eternity8.3231
394What's That Blue Thing Doing Here?8.3225
396Happy Doesn't Have To Have An Ending8.3222
397John Postal8.3219
398Too Tall Girl8.3154
399Electric Car8.3154
400James K. Polk (Original Version)8.3132
401Circular Karate Chop8.3174
40232 Footsteps8.31107
404You'll Miss Me (1985 Demo)8.3113
405Why Does The Sun Shine?8.3198
406Three Might Be Duende8.3093
407Welcome To The Jungle (Dial-A-Song)8.3010
408Cyclops Rock8.30115
409Particle Man (Live At XM Studio)8.2924
410Call Connected Thru The NSA8.2924
411Bed Bed Bed8.2938
412Never Knew Love8.2980
414Your Own Worst Enemy8.2878
415King Weed8.2825
416Rest Awhile (Dial-A-Song)8.2818
418For Science8.2858
419Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love8.2795
420Hovering Sombrero (Demo)8.2711
421No Plan B8.2726
422Mr. Mischief Night8.2715
423Cast Your Pod To The Wind (Song)8.2634
424Old Pine Box8.2672
425Hillbilly Drummer Girl8.2619
426The Big Big Whoredom (Live)8.2619
428Au Contraire8.2688
429Now I Know8.2627
430Lullaby To Nightmares8.2516
431Greasy Kid Stuff8.2552
432Definition Of Good8.2532
433Preamble: Fernando Wood8.2512
434Mr. Hughes Says8.2520
435Sometimes A Lonely Way8.2560
436Through Being Cool8.2520
437Science Is Real8.2548
439Roy G. Biv8.2544
440Exquisite Dead Guy8.2498
441Impossibly New8.2441
442Become A Robot8.2446
443The Shadow Government8.2493
444Minimum Wage8.2398
445I'll Sink Manhattan8.2377
447The Joker8.2313
448Why Must I Be Sad?8.2388
449Dirt Bike (Other Thing)8.2322
451Au Contraire (Indestructible Object Version)8.2218
453I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die8.22102
454What Is A Shooting Star?8.2251
456Come On And Wreck My Car8.2128
457Judy Is Your Viet Nam8.2074
458I Don't Understand You8.1926
459No! (Song)8.1947
460Maybe I Know8.1953
461Man, It's So Loud In Here (Hot 2002 Remix)8.1916
462I'll Remember 3rd Street8.1916
463Sketchy Galore8.1753
464'85 Radio Special Thank You8.1724
465The Devil Went Down To Newport8.1730
466Where Do They Make Balloons?8.1661
469Another Weirdo8.1619
470Nine Bowls Of Soup8.1632
471Hodgman Promo 38.1513
472My Brother The Ape8.1533
473She's Actual Size8.1574
474Eight Hundred And Thirteen Mile Car Trip8.1527
475Flying V8.1548
476Tango Distorto8.1414
477I've Got A Fang (Demo)8.1414
478Yeh Yeh8.1471
480Courage The Cowardly Dog8.1436
481Number Three8.14109
482Figure Eight8.1422
483S-E-X-X-Y (Kendal Mintcake Remix)8.1315
484Agent Double-0-Soul8.1315
488Madam, I Challenge You To A Duel8.1363
489The Bright Side8.1348
490She's Actual Size (Live STD)8.1316
491E Eats Everything8.1241
492Road Movie To Berlin8.11105
493I Can't Hide From My Mind8.1175
494Haunted Floating Eye8.1138
495Hell Hotel (1983 Demo)8.1119
496Rowboat Mayor8.1119
499You Don't Like Me8.0985
500(She Was A) Hotel Detective8.09120
501No Country In Europe8.0812
503I Never Go To Work8.0850
505Feign Amnesia8.0794
506I Can Hear You8.0781
507C Is For Conifers8.0741
508Black Ops8.0769
509Phone Calls From The Dead8.0714
510Complete Paranoia8.0729
511D & W8.0631
512I Am Not Your Broom8.0647
513When Tornadoes Take Over The World8.0616
515Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed8.0617
517D Is For Drums8.0537
518Stuff Is Way8.0557
519Operators Are Standing By8.0446
520Rabid Child8.04116
521Night Security8.0425
522The Greatest8.0453
524This Microphone8.0359
525The Ballad Of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space)8.0330
526Got Getting Up So Down (Extended)8.0033
527I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You8.0032
528I Blame You8.0028
529Albany (Studio)8.0017
531Now We Have To Go8.0014
533I Like Fun (Song)8.0072
534Too Real8.0013
535North To Alaska8.0014
536Hall Of Heads8.0075
537Bread Hair8.0015
538Ant (Indestructible Object Version)8.0026
539Upside Down Frown8.0092
540Chopping Block Testimonial8.0019
541Hearing Aid7.9992
542Robot Parade7.9864
543Birds Fly7.9858
544I C U7.9731
546Don't Break The Heart7.9522
547Crystal Fortress7.9519
548In Fact7.9556
550Theme From McSweeney's Issue 67.9417
551Fake-Believe (Type B)7.9417
552Dig My Grave7.9483
553Imaginary Friend7.9416
554Something Grabbed Ahold Of My Hand7.9328
555Fibber Island7.9340
556Glasgow (Studio)7.9213
557Then The Kids Took Over7.9213
558New Haven7.9213
559Taste The Fame7.9225
560Best Of Spin The Dial7.9212
561Empty Boulevards7.9212
562Tick Tick Tick Tick7.9123
564Take Out The Trash7.91123
565Brainwashing Our Fighting Boys7.9111
566Wicked Little Critta7.9188
567Hello Mrs. Wheelyke7.9132
568I've Got A Fang7.9185
569The Spine Surfs Alone7.9029
570Spy (Original Version)7.8919
571I Am Invisible7.8928
572Employee Of The Month7.8936
573Corrupted Lyle7.8918
574Smells Like Teen Spirit7.8918
575Boss Of Me (Original Edit)7.8935
576They Got Lost (Song)7.8970
577The Truth In Your Words7.8826
578Dashiki Lover7.8817
579Words Are Like7.8841
580Black Ops (Alt. Version)7.8840
581Cage & Aquarium7.8783
582Things I Like To Do7.8715
583(She Was A) Hotel Detective In The Future7.8658
585To The Bubblecraft!7.8614
587I Walk Along Darkened Corridors7.8539
588You'll Miss Me (1984 Demo)7.8513
589New Orleans7.8513
591Gudetama's Busy Days7.8419
592Distant Antenna7.8419
593Different Town7.8425
594Aren't You The Guy Who Hit Me In The Eye?7.8336
595McCafferty's Bib7.8262
596Drinkin' (Live Radio Version)7.8211
597The Long Grift7.8222
600Door To Door Minotaur7.8116
601The Velvet Ape7.8126
602Speed And Velocity7.8131
603Yeah, The Deranged Millionaire7.8136
604How Many Planets?7.8030
605Dr. Kildare7.8015
606Please Pass The Milk7.8025
609An Insult To The Fact Checkers7.7957
610Bastard Wants To Hit Me7.7999
612La Dolce Malcolm7.7914
613(She Was A) Hotel Detective (1985 Demo)7.7914
614Finished With Lies7.7868
615All MacGyver On It7.7827
616Long White Beard7.7722
617Underwater Woman7.7761
618Mission Control7.7713
619(She Thinks She's) Edith Head7.7553
620Empty Bottle Collector7.7528
622Vote Or Don't7.7315
623O We7.7330
624Another First Kiss7.73100
625John Lee Supertaster7.7359
626I'm A Coward7.7355
627Everything About It Is A Podcast7.7311
628Leave Me Alone7.7218
630Pictures Of Pandas Painting7.7135
631Baroque Hoedown7.7114
632I Hear A New World7.7131
633San Francisco7.7117
634Alienation's For The Rich7.70111
635Dr. Sy Fly7.7030
637There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow7.6913
638Q U7.6929
639Careless Santa7.6819
640Your Mom's Alright7.6844
641I Haven't Seen You In Forever7.6825
642Mink Car (Song) (Demo)7.6712
644Lesson 167.6724
645Mr. Me (Demo)7.6712
646Mario Speaks7.6712
647Older (Mink Car Version)7.6555
648Snail Dust7.6526
649The Day That Love Came To Play7.6523
650So Long, Mockingbird7.6414
651Turtle Songs Of North America7.6439
652Yellow Submarine7.6411
653I Might Be Giants, Too7.6319
654Doom Doom7.6327
655The Biggest One7.6348
656One Dozen Monkeys7.6332
657Brooklyn (Studio)7.6213
658Too Cool Girls7.6213
659She Thinks She's Edith Head7.6172
660The Bloodmobile7.6161
661Z Y X7.6133
662Sold My Mind to The Kremlin7.6053
663O, Do Not Forsake Me7.60105
664I Hear The Wind Blow7.6025
665Disappointing Show7.5932
666Kendra McCormick7.5932
667Here Come The 123s (Song)7.5922
668I Just Found Out What Everybody Knows7.5917
669Let Your Hair Hang Down7.5877
670Cabbagetown (Demo)7.5824
671All Alone7.5843
672Savoy Truffle7.5831
674Boat Of Car7.56114
675Anaheim (Studio)7.5625
676Indiana Wants Me7.5520
677DeWitt Clinton7.5511
680O Tannenbaum7.5522
681Untitled Remix7.5511
682All Alone, All By Myself7.5435
683College Town7.5424
685I Need Some Lovin'7.5413
686The King Of Wingo7.5413
687I Got My T-Shirt Back7.5413
688Hypnotist Of Ladies7.5375
689Charlottesville (Studio)7.5317
690The Army's Tired Now7.5225
691Say Nice Things About Detroit7.5137
692XTC Vs. Adam Ant7.5195
693Whence That Wince7.5016
694E Eats Everything (Elegant Too Remix)7.5016
695Mountain Flowers7.5026
696Hate The Villanelle7.4970
697If I Wasn't Shy7.4866
698Token Back To Brooklyn7.4854
699Extra Savoir-Faire7.4787
700You Probably Get That A Lot (Elegant Too Remix)7.4717
701Put Your Hand On The Computer7.4732
702S-E-X-X-Y (Live STD)7.4715
703I Can Help The Next In Line7.4652
704I Heard A Sound7.4626
705Kids Go! (Song)7.4613
706Greek Number Three7.4624
707Hovering Sombrero '057.4522
709The Big Big Whoredom7.4540
710I Made A Mess7.4418
711I'm Sick (Of This American Life)7.4425
712Mr. Klaw7.4358
713Caroline, No7.4238
714Santa Cruz7.4224
715Theme To Podcast 2A7.4212
716Theme From Flood7.4289
717Chess Piece Face7.41102
718Santa's Beard7.41100
719Even Numbers7.4122
720I Can Add7.4020
721The Ballad Of Timothy McSweeney7.4015
722All Night Blowout7.4010
723Robot Parade (Adult Version)7.3933
724Human Interest7.3813
725What Bothers The Spaceman?7.3816
726Xanthus Saves7.3816
730Too + 3 R One7.3625
732Chip The CHiP7.3523
733I Wasn't Listening7.3330
734The Bullies7.3318
735Hive Mind7.3234
736I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar7.3135
737Radio They Might Be Giants 37.3116
738Lake Monsters7.3148
739Who's That Standing Out The Window?7.3113
740Go For G!7.3033
742The Edison Museum7.2958
744Counterfeit Faker7.2938
745Glean (Song)7.2945
746Dee Dee And Dexter7.2832
747Take Out The Trash (Simlish)7.2711
748Scott Bower7.2730
749Chaos By Design7.2619
751200 SBemails7.2642
752What Did I Do To You?7.2627
753Dr. Evil7.2635
754Electronic Istanbul (Not Constantinople)7.2433
755Unrelated Thing7.2487
756Mosh Momken Abadon7.2425
757L M N O7.2232
758Computer Assisted Design7.2128
759Ram On7.2015
760(She Was A) Hotel Detective In The Future Commentary7.2020
762Destroy The Past7.1936
763Fingertips (Banjo)7.1921
764Chicken And Ice Cream7.1916
766Integrity Project7.1817
769My Other Phone Is A Boom Car7.1736
770Don't I Have The Right?7.1730
771Puppets Gonna Fuck You Up7.1619
772Trucker's Coffee7.1513
773I Found A New Friend Underneath My Pillow7.1520
774Insect Hospital7.1548
775Hot Cha7.1483
776The Other Side Of The World7.1421
777Last Wave (Alternative Version)7.1324
779Decision Makers7.1234
780Clap Your Hands7.1260
781Fake Out In Buenos Aires7.1136
782About Me7.1128
783Swing Is A Word7.1128
784Battle For The Planet Of The Apes7.1021
785Outboard Part Of Man7.0934
787Lady Is A Tramp7.0851
789Flo Wheeler7.0714
790No Cops7.0537
791Cut The Strings7.0519
792Tropical Lazor Beams7.0519
793Christmas Cards7.0520
795Summer Breeze7.0017
796Lefty Loosey7.0011
797Hi Honey I'm Home7.0025
798Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes7.0011
800Indian Ocean7.0024
801The Summer Breeze7.0017
802To Serve Mankind7.0017
803Walking My Cat Named Dog6.9730
804Wake Up Call6.9434
805Hiya Hi6.9417
806Counterfeit Fake6.9432
807Down To The Bottom Of The Sea6.9328
808The Drinky Crow Show Theme6.9213
809Fingertips (Whispered)6.9224
812Escape From The Planet Of The Apes6.8918
813Pirate Girls Nine6.8826
814Letter Shapes6.8629
815The Mexican Drill6.8540
816Moles, Hounds, Bears, Bees and Hares6.8330
817You'll Miss Me6.83120
818A Ton Of Stuff6.8211
819Tender Is The Mind6.8010
820Uke Down6.8010
822Oh You Did6.7924
823The World Before Later On6.7966
824Here Come The ABCs (Song)6.7818
825The Day6.7899
826I'm Def6.7744
827Alarm Clock Catastrophe6.7713
828St. Louis6.7713
829Christmas In The Big House6.7621
830Ooh La! Ooh La!6.7427
831On Earth My Nina6.7461
833I Am A Grocery Bag6.7337
834S-E-X-X-Y (Warren Rigg Microwave Mix)6.7311
835The Gravel's Coming With Us6.7311
836Studio Cat6.7010
837Hey Now Everybody6.7030
838Rolling O6.6926
839The World's Address (Joshua Fried Remix)6.6961
840Solid Liquid Gas6.6932
841And Mom And Kid6.6828
842In The Middle, In The Middle, In The Middle6.6764
843Tres Quatro6.6712
844High Five!6.6439
845Garden Of Eden6.6411
846Santa Claus6.6422
847Canada Haunts Me6.6338
849Olive, The Other Reindeer6.6213
850Who's Knocking On The Wall?6.6213
851Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Brownsville Mix)6.5826
852Rock Club6.5223
853Toddler Hiway6.5195
854Schoolchildren Singing Particle Man6.5026
855My Name Is Kingof Socks6.5010
856Lincoln, Washington, And That Jefferson Guy6.5014
857Mainstream U.S.A.6.4833
858Morgan In The Morning ID6.4831
859This Ape's For You6.4418
860Pretty Fly6.4425
861Dog Walker6.39115
862Larger Than Life6.3923
863Mr. Xcitement6.37142
864Taste The Bass6.3614
865Heart Of The Band6.3520
866Dan Vs. Cog6.3520
869The Secret Life Of Six6.3030
873Didn't Kill Me6.1458
874Hello Radio6.1241
876Wind Chime6.0812
877Dollar For Dollar6.0423
878The Oblongs Theme6.0018
879Doris Cunningham6.0024
881Radio They Might Be Giants 25.9520
882One Billion Degrees5.9417
883Even My T-Shirt5.9417
884One Two Three Four5.9315
885I Just Want To Dance5.9315
886Teenagers Are Going5.9111
887The Guitar (Outer Planet Mix)5.8318
888Planet Of The Apes5.7713
889Who Put The Alphabet In Alphabetical Order?5.6749
890Doh Doh Island5.6712
891Taking It To The Bridge (We Reinvented The Remix)5.6010
893Here In Higglytown5.5227
894The Guitar (Even Further Outer Planet Mix)5.4418
895At The Agway5.4117
896P.S.O.K. (Paul Stanley Of KISS)5.3256
897Hot Dog!5.3053
898Letter/Not A Letter5.2634
899Tesla (2 4 6 8 Remix)5.1916
900The Vowel Family5.1449
901Something You'd Like To See5.0618
903Crushed By Dust4.9520
904Dimension Six Rock4.9212
905Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme4.7756
906Goodnight My Friends4.4833
907Beneath The Planet Of The Apes4.4314
908I Am A Robot (Type B)4.2313
909Ten Mississippi4.1580
910I Am A Robot3.3543