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Original DVD music video for ICU
Alternate music video for ICU

song name I C U
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Here Come The ABCs, TMBG Clock Radio
year 2005
run time 1:49
sung by John Linnell


  • There are two music videos for this song. The animated video, which appears in the standard release of the DVD, was animated by Courtney Booker and Greg Rozum, while the video which appears on the combo CD/DVD release was directed by David Ahuja. In 2023, Flansburgh noted, "The Disney Channel was the final arbiter of what got on the air, and I suspect they didn't like one of these productions so we had to scramble to make something more acceptable."[1]
  • In a review of Here Come the ABCs in Slate, Douglas Wolk called the song "a heart-tugging country lament in the tradition of William Steig's CDB!" Steig's children's books CDB! (1968) and CDC? (1984) also made punning use of letter names.
    • In a 2023 Tumblr post, John Flansburgh stated that Linnell likely didn't intend to riff off of any specific media, and that he more so wanted to make a song consisting of gramograms in general.[2]
  • The acronym ICU, besides being a reminder of one's watchful presence, stands for "intensive care unit," which makes the doctor's-office music video seem fitting.

Song Themes

Letters Of The Alphabet


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