Become A Robot

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Robots were sometimes used in early promotional artwork for They Might Be Giants, such as this early '80s show poster

song name Become a Robot
artist They Might Be Giants
releases 1985 Promotional Demo Tape #7, 1985 Demo Tape, Dial-A-Song, Free When You Call From Work, Then: The Earlier Years, Selections From Then
year 1985
first played July 10, 1983 (1 known performances)
run time 1:18
sung by John Flansburgh; John Linnell


  • Written and recorded for a Restless polka compilation, but rejected (just like "I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die").
  • John Flansburgh has said that the song "uses a Fairlight, which was then a brand new invention, like a music sampler and computer. Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel — every Brit art-rocker guy had a Fairlight in the '80s."
  • The lyrics for this song contained in the booklet for Then include the line "here's hoping you don't harbor a wishnik," even though that is clearly not what is being sung.
  • According to Bill Krauss in the Miscellaneous T Facebook group, "Become a Robot" was the first song he ever heard from the band, who performed it at a Dr. B's show he attended in 1983.[1]

Song Themes

Accidents, Death, Funny But Sad, Numbers, Onomatopoeia, Problems With Liner Notes, Robots


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