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Illustration from the Long Tall Weekend liner notes

song name Reprehensible
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Long Tall Weekend, Non LP Tracks, Boss Of Me (Single) [UK / Australian Release], Music From Malcolm In The Middle (Promo), They Got Lost, TMBG Clock Radio
year 1999
first played March 21, 1996 (12 known performances)
run time 3:17
sung by John Flansburgh


A cool song that fell between the cracks. This song features the sound of the Mellotron (actually from a sampler) that was a primitive version of sampling created in the '60s. The "horn section" is actually created by playing a chord on an electronic keyboard, but instead of a piano or organ sound you get the sound of a saxophone, or in this case, the sound of a very old-fashioned, melodramatic, vibrato-laded sax with a tone more from the '40s than from the '60s when it was recorded.
I've sort of been the male lead in some songs that seem like they need a more straight-ahead voice, because John's voice is more... really like he always is John Linnell, whereas I think my voice has got more of an anonymous general male tenor quality to it... There's a song that's going to be on this live album called "Reprehensible" that's very croony. John sang the demo, and it sounds really good, but it also sounds very much like him. And when I sing it, it sounds a little more anonymous. And it seems like that's what the song called for. In a way, John's voice has got so much built-in character, that sometimes I feel like I'm Art Garfunkel, I can do the official "tenor-guy" pretty voice thing when John wants it that way.

Song Themes

Age, Body Parts, Criminal Activities, Evil, Forgetting And Remembering, History, Loneliness, Mind Control, Hypnotism, Oxymorons, Paradoxes, And Contradictory Statements, Plans, Recursion, Religion, Swing Feel, Traded Tracks


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