Women & Men

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Lyrics to "Women & Men" printed in front of the bathroom of Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore

song name Women & Men
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Flood, Flood + Apollo 18
year 1990
first played November 24, 2000 (131 known performances)
run time 1:46
sung by John Linnell; John Flansburgh sings the bridge


  • Like "Nanobots", this song is about the rapid growth of the human race. "The words have a very blank, disengaged view of human reproduction. The lyrics neither celebrate nor condemn the expanding population. But the music is cheerful." - John Linnell in a 2009 interview with Rolling Stone[1]
  • On each verse, there is a pattern of beats per measure: 7, 6, 7, 6.
  • Most of the lyrics of this song can be found printed on the walls just outside the bathrooms of Woodberry Kitchen[2], a restaurant in Baltimore, MD.

Song Themes

Accidents, Beach, Love, Not In 4-4 Time, Problems With Liner Notes, Recursion, Sailing, Sea, Water


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