I Walk Along Darkened Corridors

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song name I Walk Along Darkened Corridors
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Apollo 18
year 1992
run time 1:01
sung by John Linnell


  • This is Fingertips song #21.
  • Live audiences often do a fist-pump-motion during this song.
  • In live shows, this song is frequently morphed from a big buildup into a rocking, anthemic, bombastic, power-ballad style finish, complete with Linnell singing with a very gritty voice.
  • iTunes and Amazon Music had this song mislabeled as "I Walk Alone."
  • John Linnell was asked if the vocals were inspired by Morrissey in a 1994 interview: "Yeah, but it's not supposed to be a parody of Morrissey. I'm sure [the vocal style] wouldn't be there if there hadn't been Morrissey, but the point of it isn't to make fun of Morrissey."

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Different When Played Live


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