Doh-Doh Island

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Packaging for the Doh-Doh Island playset

song name Doh-Doh Island
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Unreleased
year 2003
run time 0:30
sung by John Flansburgh


I feel like the Play-Doh thing was not very close to our hearts in terms of the creative work, but they did pay us, and it was an easy and good gig. So that was the kind of thing that we were like, “All right, sure. Yeah, we’ll do this.” And we still occasionally joke about Doh-Doh Island, because that was the product we were writing music for, was this thing called Doh-Doh island. And in fact, you know how on your online bank account, you can nickname your various accounts to remind you of what they’re called? Mine is called “Doh-Doh Island” to this day.
  • A VHS cassette called Doh-Doh Island Adventures, which came with the Doh-Doh Island play-set, used this song as its theme. The "showing off and acting cool" line was dubbed over with the characters' names. Those of the additional singers are Christopher Walz, Suzanne Bayles, and Addie Zintel.

Song Themes

Ads, Islands, Songs Used In Commercials, Trade Names


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