Part Of You Wants To Believe Me

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Artwork for "Part Of You Wants To Believe Me"

song name Part of You Wants to Believe Me
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Part Of You Wants To Believe Me (Single), BOOK
year 2021
run time 2:58
sung by John Linnell


  • The song debuted in an October 11, 2021 article by Australian site MusicFeeds.
  • An em dash (—) is a punctuation mark used to break up text in much the same way as a colon or a comma, and is distinct from hyphens, (-), en dashes (–), and horizontal bars (―).
  • John Linnell described creating the song in a 2021 interview:[1]
I used a weird tuning on [the song]. The whole track is tuned with the major thirds tuned down to be more... It uses this system called 'just intonation'. The idea is that you can distort the hell out of a keyboard, and if the notes are retuned to these exact tunings, it has a completely different and very pure sound. So we not only retuned the keyboard, but also the guitar and the vocals and everything. I don't know if this experiment worked exactly, it still sounds a little weird to me. The thirds and the sixths are slightly flat to make this happen. And then the lyrics are just about that weird expression - the idea that you compartmentalize somebody, and that part of them has one feeling, and another part has another. It's just like an oddball idea.

Song Themes

Body Parts, Medical, No, Reading


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