Don't I Have The Right?

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song name Don't I Have the Right?
artist Mono Puff
releases Unsupervised, TMBG Clock Radio
year 1996
run time 2:54
sung by Nancy Lynn Howell


I wrote this song a couple of years ago for performance artist Iris Rose's Torch Song show at La Mama. It is a radical departure, even for this record, but Nancy Lynn Howell's beautiful vocal brings the song to life.
  • Flansburgh in a 1996 interview: "It fits in the rest of the record in a grab-bag kind of way, whereas if it were on a They Might Be Giants record, people might think, 'Oh, they want people to take them seriously now.'"
  • Nancy Lynn Howell, who provides lead vocals on this track, is married to Mark Lerner. In 1989, Mark and Nancy's first date was at a Maudlins show at John Linnell's apartment Quiet Life in Brooklyn, for which he opened, performing early renditions of some of his State Songs.[1]
  • San Francisco-based singer Connie Champagne recorded a cover of this song for her 1991 Heyday Records album La Strada. The liner notes attribute the song to They Might Be Giants with a 1991 copyright, with Connie's description: "John F. tells me this is a torch song."
  • Though the versions mentioned above are all downtempo ballads, Flansburgh also once recorded a fast-paced upbeat version for Dial-A-Song.

Song Themes

Coffee, Drinks, Eyes, Forgetting And Remembering, Food, Games, Love Gone Sour, Money, Non-John Vocals, Rhymes, Questions, Time


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