Dirt Bike

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song name Dirt Bike
artist They Might Be Giants
releases John Henry, John Henry + Factory Showroom
year 1994
first played April 21, 1993 (65 known performances)
run time 3:05
sung by John Flansburgh


  • John Flansburgh introduced this song at the first show it was played at by saying, "Here comes a brand new song. This song is about a fictitious rock band that became a phenomenon called Dirt Bike. It's the story of their phenomenon."
  • In a 1994 appearance on Good Morning America, Flansburgh said this song is about "a kid sitting in a town and there's this religious cult passing through the country, and he's just thinking about what it would be like getting swept up by the cult."
  • Flansburgh would reference this song in a 1998 interview while explaining the subject matter of "Working Undercover For The Man":
In a weird way, there's a much more crazy and elliptical kind of song on John Henry called "Dirt Bike" that's essentially the same idea [as "a band going around the country infiltrating youth culture"], except that it's so crazy in terms of its lyric. It's almost beyond interpretation, because it anthropomorphizes a dirt bike as a cult leader, and the idea is that there's this dirt bike travelling around the country and gathering up a cult.

Song Themes

Body Parts, Hands, Mind Control, Hypnotism, Personification, Plans, Religion, Supernatural, The Senses, Swing Feel, Transportation


  • Appearance on Good Morning America: Watch it on Youtube.png

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