Plain As The Lie On Your Lips

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1987 performance by Iris Rose
Original lyrics sheet by John Linnell

song name Plain as the Lie on Your Lips
artist John Linnell
releases Unreleased
year 1987
run time 2:21
sung by John Linnell


  • The Watchface piece "More Songs of Desire and Despair", which was performed from April to May 1987, featured songs written by Flansburgh and Linnell among others for Watchface member Iris Rose to sing. Flansburgh contributed "Don't I Have The Right?" (later to become a song on Mono Puff's first album in 1996), and Linnell contributed this song, the Linnell-sung demo for which can be found here.

Song Themes

Body Parts, Hands, Jail And Imprisonment, Lies And Deception, Love, Love Gone Sour, Sadness, Sleep, Stories, Time


  • Watch it on Youtube.png - Iris Rose of Watchface performing the song in May 1987

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