I'm Def (Edit)

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song name I'm Def
artist They Might Be Giants
releases The Statue Got Me High (EP), Then: The Earlier Years, Selections From Then, Podcast 9A
year 1992
run time 1:08
sung by Unknown Dial-A-Song solicitor; John Flansburgh


  • Flansburgh: "This song was probably written the second I heard the term 'I'm Def.' In 1984, the rap lingo in my community was coming fast and furious and 'I'm Def' seemed like one of the more fucked up new kinds of slang. The song, though, has no relationship to rap music. [...] Even though the title is drawn from this popular culture reference, it's relationship to it is completely tangential, which is the core of what makes They Might Be Giants a hard band to explain." (ICE Newsletter, 1996)
  • "I'm Def features yet another unsolicited phone message, this one from a froggy voiced songwriter who is probably somebody famous by now." -- Then liner notes
  • This version excises about 17 seconds from the end of the 1985 Demo Tape version. The cut portion contained two more repetitions of "we have our own song and we wanna get it recorded," some cymbal crashes, more "scratching" and ended with the mystery voice saying "why don't ya leave a message?" Why this was edited out is not known.

Song Themes

Altered Voice, Music, Occupations, Songs With Samples, Telecommunication


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