I'll Remember 3rd Street

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song name I'll Remember 3rd Street
artist They Might Be Giants
releases 1983 Demo Tape, Podcast 32A
year 1983
run time 1:39
sung by Note.svg Instrumental


  • This is one of the earliest original They Might Be Giants songs, predating the name of the band, and was the first song played by John & John at their first live show, in 1982.
  • This demo of "Space Suit" was recorded for the first They Might Be Giants demo tape in 1983, and remained unreleased and unheard by fans until its 2008 inclusion in Podcast 32A. The demo features an intro with the word "why" repeating over a sample of The 5th Dimension's version of "One Less Bell to Answer".
  • John Flansburgh explaining the origin of the song, from the 1995 Holiday Info Club newsletter:[1]
That song was written to incorporate a bunch of chords I had learned under the instruction of Jack DeSalvo, a guitarist I took lessons from in the early eighties. It was originally titled "I'll Remember 3rd Street" to reflect its jazzy origins, but once the recording was made with the spacey synth part its final title seemed more appropriate.
  • John Flansburgh and John Linnell lived on 3rd Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn when they first moved to New York City in 1981.[2] Linnell in 2015, recalling their shared apartment building: "It was frightening. There was a stretch of 12 identical brownstones, and of the 12, three of them were completely burnt-out shells."[3] 3rd Street is also mentioned in the lyrics of "Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head." Today, the street is part of one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in New York.[4]

Song Themes

Forgetting And Remembering, Not In 4-4 Time, Questions, Songs With Samples, Streets


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