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song name Electric Car
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Electric Car (Promo), Here Comes Science
year 2009
first played February 26, 2010 (21 known performances)
run time 3:23
sung by Robin Goldwasser and John Flansburgh


  • A snippet premiered on NPR in January 2009 when Jamie Kitman (TMBG's manager and automobile expert) was at the Detroit Auto Show and spoke about electric cars, a focus of the show, and let the conversation veer momentarily to TMBG's song. You can hear Jamie's interview and the sample here.
  • The song's video was animated by Tiny Inventions and Adam Sacks[1] throughout mid-October[2] to late November 2008. The same studio also animated "The Ballad Of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space)." For more information on the making of the video, read this blog post.
  • At one point, GM considered licensing this song to promote the Chevy Volt, but it never came to fruition. [3]
  • The background photo used during the John & John intro to this song is from the House of World Cultures (German: Haus der Kulturen de Welt) in Berlin.

Song Themes

Colors, Dreams, Escape, New York City, Non-John Vocals, Questions, Plants, Science, Sea, Streets, Transportation


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