Wicked Little Critta

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He shoots...He scores!

song name Wicked Little Critta
artist They Might Be Giants
releases eMusic Freebies, TMBG Unlimited - April, 2001 Radio Sampler No. 2, Mink Car (except European releases), TMBG Clock Radio, TMBG.com
year 2000
first played December 21, 2002 (144 known performances)
run time 2:11
sung by John Linnell


  • From TMBG Unlimited: "Forged in the crucible of an eastern Massachusetts junior high, this song expresses the dreams, fears and hopes of a New England young adult. Remixed by the Elegant Too, the track celebrates the enchanting 'old school' sound of the mid-1980's inner city even as it invokes the 'older school' of early 1970's suburban Boston."
  • In Boston slang, "wicked pissa" could be translated as "super great", while "dink" could mean a stupid person or a jerk.
  • A sissy bar is a curved bar on the back of a motorcycle seat. They were often added to children's bicycles in the 1970s to emulate the motorcycle feature.
  • According to TMBG's old Q&A, John Linnell's favorite hockey player is Bobby Orr.

Song Themes

Accents, Bad English, Fire, People (Imaginary), People (Real), Size, Sports, Transportation


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