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Music video for "D & W"
The D and W puppets in real life

song name D & W
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Here Come The ABCs, TMBG Clock Radio
year 2005
run time 1:37
sung by John Linnell


  • D and W are voiced by John Linnell.
  • D and W also make an appearance in "Can You Find It?".
  • Features Dan Levine on trombone and tuba and Mark Pender on trumpet.
  • Designed & animated by Brian O'Connell (Asterisk), compositing by Alex Reshanov, puppets by Robin Goldwasser (Deeply Felt Puppet Theater). According to Richard O'Connor, this video was finished on August 13, 2004.
  • According to a 2009 blog post by Richard O'Connor, the footage of D and W was filmed at an old studio owned by Cote Zellers in Cold Spring, New York, due to Asterisk's in-house studio being too small to accommodate the video requirements at the time. They were puppeted by several different employees, who each took turns doing so.
  • The child baseball player on the TV at the end is Richard O'Connor at ten years old.
  • Possibly named after the drums of Marty Beller's choice; see the liner notes for albums such as The Spine or Here Come The ABCs. (However, as of 2008, Marty Beller dropped the DW brand and started using ddrum drums.)

Song Themes

Age, Altered Voice, Food, Letters Of The Alphabet, Misanthropy, Shapes, Size, Space, Spoken Word, Sports, Title Not In Lyrics, Titles And Honorifics


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