Wind Chime

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Fidelity, Melody, and Quantity: Three attributes nowhere to be found in this song.
Wind Chime: A classic example of Power Sphere misuse.

song name Wind Chime
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Apollo 18 Retail Promo
year 1992
run time 0:19
sung by John Flansburgh


  • You can't create a masterpiece dabbling in finger-paints: this sorry excuse for a song is an example of how other bands get the idea of the Power Spheres completely wrong.
  • Compare this to the far superior "Integrity Project", from which this song borrows its melody.
  • Ironically, this song contains no wind chimes.
  • Created for the video made to promote Apollo 18 in 1992.

Song Themes

Falsetto, Recycled Material, Time


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