Insect Hospital

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"Insect Hospital+" video by Hine Mizushima
Screenshot from Hine Mizushima video
Screenshot from iTunes LP video

song name Insect Hospital
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Nanobots
year 2013
first played December 29, 2012 (35 known performances)
run time 1:30
sung by John Flansburgh


  • The name of this song had previously appeared in a short-lived live-only track called "After Hours Party At The Insect Hospital". However, the only similarities between the songs are titular. According to Flansburgh, the term "insect hospital" had "always stayed in the notebook".
  • The video included in the iTunes LP edition of the album is one of the background videos projected during the band's live show, commonly shown behind the band during the song "Ana Ng"
  • Hine Mizushima created an animated video (officially entitled "Insect Hospital+") which incorporates the songs Hive Mind, Decision Makers, Nouns, There, Insect Hospital, and Tick. In the video, the segment for this song shows a tick breaking into an insect hospital with an axe and releasing them.
  • TMBG once released a list of things they were not allowed to say in the group; one of which was "literally", unless used properly. This song, however, cheerfully ignores the ban on that word.

Song Themes

Animals, Insects, Medical, Recycled Material


  • Watch it on Youtube.png - Insect Hospital+
  • Watch it on Youtube.png - song's segment in the video

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