Ooh La! Ooh La!

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Music video for "Ooh La! Ooh La!"

song name Ooh La! Ooh La!
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Here Come The 123s
year 2008
run time 1:56
sung by John Flansburgh with Hannah Levine and Robin Goldwasser


  • The video for this song was produced by Asterisk, designed and directed by Brian O'Connell, and animated by Abbey Luck.
  • According to a blog post about "One Two Three Four", which Asterisk also animated, this song's working title was "Double Dutch". An early version of the track listing posted by the band also referred to the song as "Oooo Laaa Oooo Laaa".

Song Themes

Altered States, Body Parts, Clothes, Counting, Dancing, Mind Control, Hypnotism, Non-John Vocals, Nonsense Words, Numbers, Sports, Tableware, Transportation


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