Got Getting Up So Down (Extended)

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Music video for "Got Getting Up So Down (Extended)"

song name Got Getting Up So Down
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Free Tunes, Podcast 9A, Podcast 57A, Dial-A-Song (2015), Phone Power
year 2006
run time 1:42
sung by John Flansburgh


  • "Got Getting Up So Down" (non-extended) was used as an America Runs On Dunkin' radio advertisement.
  • On Podcast 9A, some very faint mumbling can be heard during the first twenty or so seconds of the song. Upon close inspection, the mumbling is the same unidentified recording heard spoken at the end of Podcast 8A: "Now, over there in the celebrity corner—Sammy Davis, are you ready?" The dialogue heard during the beginning of this song is actually extended, but the rest of it is incomprehensible with "Got Getting Up So Down" playing over it. It is unknown if the placement of the recording over the beginning of the song was intentional or not, as it is played immediately after the same clip of old music that also was played at the end of Podcast 8A.

Song Themes

Clothes, Oxymorons, Paradoxes, And Contradictory Statements, Sleep (Theme), Telecommunication


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