All Alone

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Music video for "All Alone"
From the Brave New World video

song name All Alone
artist They Might Be Giants
releases TMBG Unlimited - February, (2000-2006), They Got Lost, TMBG Clock Radio
year 1999
run time 1:33
sung by John Linnell


  • Performed by TMBG as part of the Brave New World ABC special. This segment was specifically about the NASA robot Surveyor 3's camera, which came back to earth with a micro-organism inside the lens.
  • From, "This song was part of the ABC Nightline series that we did. Our assignment was to write a song about a germ that went to the moon and caused quite a bit of confusion at NASA. This song contains a little more existential angst than your average folk song, and probably more than was required."
  • This song is also called "Ballad Of The Sneeze", according to the BMI music catalogue.
  • In Gigantic, Robert Krulwich mentions that Linnell wrote this song, as best as he can figure, in the space of a few hours (between lunch and dinner).

Song Themes

Accents, Doors, I Am, Loneliness, Misanthropy, Science, Space


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