They Got Lost (Song)

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Illustration from the Long Tall Weekend liner notes

song name They Got Lost
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Long Tall Weekend, They Got Lost, TMBG Clock Radio
year 1999
first played March 14, 1996 (150 known performances)
run time 4:39
sung by John Linnell


  • From "Our title track is vibey tour-de-force of TMBG Mk II. Eric Schermerhorn and I worked out some nice interwoven guitar parts, and the lyric of the song is the universal touring band mantra."
  • This is the longest track included on any of TMBG's studio albums to date.
  • "Julie at the Station" is Leftover Lunch hostess Julie Kramer at WFNX in Boston, whose show They got lost going to.
  • Linnell: "It's a composite of pretty much every single time we went in a car anywhere. John Flansburgh and I have this particularly weird habit of getting turned around wherever we go."
  • During live performances, the names in the third verse are replaced with the names of the current band members.

Song Themes

Escape, Funny But Sad, Letters Of The Alphabet, Music, Occupations, People (Real), Questions, Self-Reference, Size, This Town, Title Not In Lyrics, Transportation, Windows


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