Dr. Evil

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song name Dr. Evil
artist They Might Be Giants
releases More Music From Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me OST, Dr. Evil (Promo), Dial-A-Song: 20 Years Of They Might Be Giants, They "Might Be" Giants, What We Did This Summer, A User's Guide To They Might Be Giants: Melody, Fidelity, Quantity, 50,000,000 They Might Be Giants Songs Can't Be Wrong
year 1999
first played May 15, 1999 (28 known performances)
run time 1:50
sung by Robin Goldwasser


  • Written for the Austin Powers movie series, as Dr. Evil's theme song. The song was featured in the opening credits of The Spy Who Shagged Me and was featured in its corresponding soundtrack, but due to bad timing, it could only be put onto the second soundtrack to the movie.
  • A producer from the Austin Powers movies suggested re-writing "Doctor Worm," but this was written instead.
  • The producer from the movies is also a TMBG fan. (See the movie Gigantic and/or the special features.)

Song Themes

Evil, Games, Intelligence, Espionage, Medical, Non-John Vocals, Oxymorons, Paradoxes, And Contradictory Statements, People (Imaginary), Questions, TV And Movie Themes, Titles And Honorifics


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