Alphabet Lost And Found

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Music video for "Alphabet Lost And Found"

song name Alphabet Lost and Found
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Here Come The ABCs, TMBG Clock Radio, CD/DVD Sampler
year 2005
first played February 23, 2005 (59 known performances)
run time 2:49
sung by Marty Beller w/ John Flansburgh on the intro, chorus and newscast


  • Music video illustrated & animated by Divya Srinivasan.
  • The video has been slightly modified for the CD/DVD combo release to reduce flashing lights in several parts of the video. This modification may have been done to protect people with epilepsy.

Song Themes

Altered Voice, Animals, Bad English, Food, Hands, History, In Back, Kingdom Of Loathing Reference, Letters Of The Alphabet, Non-John Vocals, Occupations, Questions, Religion, Supernatural, School, Science, Stories, Streets, Talking, Not Singing, Transportation


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