Critic Intro

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song name Critic Intro
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Then: The Earlier Years
year 1997
first played February 14, 1997 (20 known performances)
run time 1:38
sung by John Flansburgh recites the testimonial quotes; John Linnell dubs the remainder


  • This was used to introduce some of the band's live shows in the '80s. Flansburgh: "It sounds like pull-quotes on the back of a book describing how great it is. At the time, it was something that warmed up crowds of complete strangers. It's basically a minute and a half of comedy." (ICE Newsletter, 1996)
  • Some of the music used in this intro comes from the 1964 animated TV series Gigantor (episode 1, "Struggle at the South Pole!").
  • The four critics' names are actually the four regular panelists on To Tell the Truth in the 1960s.

Song Themes

Friendship, History, Intros, People (Real), Science, Self-Reference, Talking, Not Singing


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