You Probably Get That A Lot

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Music video for "You Probably Get That A Lot"

song name You Probably Get That a Lot
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Join Us, You Probably Get That A Lot (Promo), Them Ain't Big Eye Ants
year 2011
first played July 15, 2011 (45 known performances)
run time 2:57
sung by John Linnell; John Flansburgh sings backup


  • John Linnell on the song in a 2012 FUSE video interview: "I think of the song "You Probably Get That a Lot" as a manifestly fictitious song. The idea of the song is it's addressing someone who, amongst other people, is walking around carrying their severed head, but this particular person is more interesting to the singer of the song. It's a love song about a specific person, saying, you know, you're different from the others."
  • A cephalophore is a saint who is usually depicted carrying their own disembodied head.
  • In April 2011, Flansburgh posted to Twitter a video of himself shouting the backing vocals for this song.
  • A different recording of this song is used in the official video.

Song Themes

Animals, Bodily Mutilation, Body Parts, Colors, Deception, Doors, Drinks, Freaks, Heads, Music, Numbers, Questions, Religion, War, Military


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