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Music video for "ECNALUBMA"

song name ECNALUBMA
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Dial-A-Song (2015), 50,000,000 They Might Be Giants Songs Can't Be Wrong, Phone Power
year 2015
run time 2:57
sung by John Linnell


  • The Main Street Electrical Parade is a parade that started at Disneyland in 1972. The parade's soundtrack, "Baroque Hoedown," was covered by TMBG.
  • In the context of emergency response, a "litter" is a basket or stretcher with sides used to rescue people. Also the word "litter" historically meant a lifted enclosure with curtains typically used to transport royal persons.
  • "Cutting off the nose to spite the face" is an expression dating back to the 12th century that describes a needlessly self-destructive over-reaction to a problem.
  • The video was created by Paul Sahre and Todd Goldstein.

Song Themes

Accidents, Backwards, Bodily Mutilation, Body Parts, Funny But Sad, Hands, I've Got A, Medical, Oblique Cliches Or Idiom, Questions, Title Not In Lyrics, Transportation, Weapons, Windows


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