(She Was A) Hotel Detective In The Future Commentary

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song name (She Was A) Hotel Detective in the Future Commentary
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Podcast 5A, Podcast Highlights
year 2006
run time 4:14
sung by John Linnell as both David Remnikopf and Anne Hathaway


  • Being a little over twice as long as "(She Was A) Hotel Detective In The Future", this "commentary track" doesn't actually synchronize with the song whatsoever.
  • The name for the fictional character Anne Hathaway was most likely inspired by the modern actress of the same name. Anne Hathaway was also the name of Shakespeare's wife.
  • The name David Remnickopf was likely inspired by editor David Remnick who covered the Soviet Union while working for the Washington Post, and later moved to the New Yorker.
  • Animotion is the name of a New Wave band from the 1980s, with which TMBG would be well-acquainted.

Song Themes

Animals, Coffee, Creative Drought, Fire, Food, Heads, Hotel Detective Series, I Am, Insects, Swear Words, Talking, Not Singing


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