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Hello there, the name's Eric, but you can call me Robot Parade. Or don't.


I discovered TMBG through my dad, who bought me and my siblings Here Comes Science after I heard The Ballad Of Davy Crocket (In Outer Space) on the Disney Channel. I fell in love with the album, and my family quickly bought their other kids albums. (I vividly remember spending hours watching the videos for each song on the Here Comes series, and on the flash games built into the CD for No!). When my dad mentioned their adult albums he played me three random songs he found on YouTube (Istanbul, Particle Man, and Meet James Ensor) and I grew interested. When my family moved towns I started to listen to all of their discography and I became obsessed. I pretty much exclusively listened to TMBG in 2019 and 2020.

While my music taste has since branched out beyond the band, I'm now a attending college to be an elementary music teacher and inspire a love for music in my students the same way that TMBG inspired that love in me. I'm also a part of the band Sewage Lagoon where we play our own alternative rock songs. I'm currently on a quest to collect every TMBG CD, so we'll see how far I can get.

Other Bands[edit]

They Might Be Giants are my favorite band, but there are a few others that have my heart. Modest Mouse and Interpol are my two other favorite bands of all time, Sarah and the Sundays are an underrated indie band I love, and I also enjoy: alt-j, Last Dinosaurs, The Jungle Giants, Wallows, The Drums, Tennis, The Shins, CAKE, IDKHow, Jack Stauber, Tally Hall, RHCP, Cage The Elephant, Marcy Playground, That Handsome Devil, Caroline's Spine, Peach Pit, Alvvays, Aurelio Voltaire, Fall Out Boy, and No Doubt. Plus I dabble in some Imagine Dragons, though they're more of a guilty pleasure.

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