The Spine

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The Spine album cover
The Spine
Studio album by They Might Be Giants
First released July 13, 2004
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Tracks 16 Last album No!
Label Idlewild / Zoë Length 35:54 Next album Here Come The ABCs

The Spine is They Might Be Giants' tenth studio album, released in 2004 on the Idlewild and Zoë labels.


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The Spine CD
A chart showing the performance of The Spine on the Billboard and CMJ charts.

The Spine was TMBG's first full-length adult-oriented album since 2001's Mink Car, and followed the 2002 children's album No!. It was produced by longtime TMBG producer Pat Dillett. The cover features art created by Zohar Lazar and packaging designed by Melissa Jun, using Jonathan Hoefler's "Cyclone" font on the cover.

In an unprecedented move for the band, The Spine was released simultaneously alongside a separately-sold EP entitled The Spine Surfs Alone. Both were released on July 13, 2004, but The Spine Surfs Alone was only available on CD via the TMBG Merchandise Store and MP3 on

Some tracks from the album had previously been on Dial-A-Song or were released online as demos, such as "Au Contraire", "Stalk Of Wheat", "I Can't Hide From My Mind", "Museum Of Idiots", "Wearing A Raincoat", and "Damn Good Times". Some had been played live several years before, including "Thunderbird" and "Museum Of Idiots", which had become fan favorites. "Au Contraire" and "Memo To Human Resources" had previously been included on the preceding Indestructible Object EP. However, a few tracks were completely unheard by fans until the album's release.

The iTunes release of the album also contained an exclusive track, "Renew My Subscription", which had been cut from the final album tracklisting. An unfinished demo of the song had previously been made available on the year before.

Singles and Charts[edit]

"Experimental Film", "Au Contraire", and "Prevenge" were released as promotional singles from the album. "Experimental Film" instantly received attention, due to the accompanying animated video featuring characters from The Brothers Chaps' Homestar Runner universe.

Even though there were no true singles released, the album spent twelve weeks on the CMJ Radio 200 chart, peaking at #12. It also spent three weeks on the CMJ Triple A (Adult Album Alternative) chart, where it peaked at #9. Despite the success on the CMJ charts, the album only spent one short week on the Billboard Comprehensive Album and Billboard 200 charts, where it reached #134 and #130, respectively.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Experimental Film 2:56


2 Spine 0:33


3 Memo To Human Resources 2:02


4 Wearing A Raincoat 3:10


5 Prevenge 2:44


6 Thunderbird 2:38


7 Bastard Wants To Hit Me 2:14


8 The World Before Later On 1:52


9 Museum Of Idiots 3:02


10 It's Kickin' In 2:01


11 Spines 0:30


12 Au Contraire 2:26


13 Damn Good Times 2:38


14 Broke In Two 2:59


15 Stalk Of Wheat 1:27


16 I Can't Hide From My Mind 2:43


17 Renew My Subscription
Vinyl and digital bonus track