Tally Hall

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Tally Hall is a Michigan-based band formed in December 2002. The band opened for TMBG on August 25th, 2006 at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, IL, along with The Bad Examples.

The band was also managed by The Hornblow Group, TMBG's management company, until 2010 when they switched to being managed by Stiletto Entertainment.

In 2020, the official Tally Hall Twitter account tweeted responding to a TMBG tweet, referencing themselves in relation to the Hall effect, from the Science Alert article linked on the TMBG tweet. The article states that "The Hall effect traditionally refers to when voltage can be deflected by the presence of a magnetic field, and a related phenomenon called the quantum Hall effect – seen in two-dimensional electron systems like graphene – produces an anomaly where amplifications of the effect jump up in quantised steps, not in a straight, linear increase".

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