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Unsupervised album cover
Studio album by Mono Puff
First released June 11, 1996
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Tracks 13
Label Rykodisc <RCD 10360> Length 33:32 Next album It's Fun To Steal

Unsupervised was the first full album released by John Flansburgh's Mono Puff. In contrast to its funky counterpart It's Fun To Steal, Unsupervised features the core line-up of Flansburgh, Mike Viola, Steve Calhoon, and Hal Cragin, with only a few guest artists sprinkled throughout the album. Many tracks are re-recordings of songs from the earlier release John Flansburgh's Mono Puff.

Keeping the album's summer release date in mind, the single for Unsupervised was "The Devil Went Down To Newport", for which a music video was produced. The track was released as a 7" single and as a CD extended play with two non-LP tracks and a different take on the song.


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Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Guitar Was The Case 2:38


2 Unsupervised, I Hit My Head 2:56


3 Don't Break The Heart 3:17


4 Distant Antenna 2:14


5 The Devil Went Down To Newport 3:46


6 What Bothers The Spaceman? 2:49


7 Hello Hello 3:14


8 Dr. Kildare 2:04


9 So Long, Mockingbird 2:25


10 Careless Santa 2:19


11 Don't I Have The Right? 2:54


12 To Serve Mankind 1:50


13 Nixon's The One 1:06




  • The first 100 copies included an autographed and numbered lyric sheet that contained the drawings by Tony Millionaire.[1]