List Of Songs Featured On Dial-A-Song

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A promotional sticker for Dial-A-Song, illustrated by J. Otto Seibold
For songs featured on Dial-A-Song in 2015 and 2018, see Dial-A-Song (2015) and Dial-A-Song (2018).

The following is a (likely incomplete) list of songs featured on Dial-A-Song during its original run from 1983 to 2006:

Songs unique to Dial-A-Song[edit]

These are songs that were not re-recorded after Dial-A-Song, or were otherwise later changed significantly (with music and/or lyrics completely replaced). Some of these recordings received CD or MP3 releases eventually through Then: The Earlier Years, TMBG Unlimited or the They Might Be Giants Podcast.

Alternate versions of songs[edit]

These were (typically) early versions of songs that later became studio tracks.

Finished studio tracks[edit]

Full recordings of songs were occasionally put on Dial-A-Song around or after their official release.

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