Don't Let's Start (WFMU Demo)

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song name Don't Let's Start
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Dial-A-Song, The Frank O' Toole Show
year 1986
run time 2:39
sung by John Linnell


  • This version has similar instrumentation to the studio version, but has slightly different lyrics in the second verse and added vocal interjections in between verses, including a "wooo" at the end of the song.

Song Themes

1964 World's Fair, Animals, Body Parts, Cartoons, Death, Funny But Sad, I Am, I've Got A, Letters Of The Alphabet, Loneliness, Love Gone Sour, Money, Music, Nonsense Words, Oblique Cliches Or Idiom, Questions, Self-Reference, Telecommunication, Tongue-Twisters


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