Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal (Dial-A-Song 2)

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song name Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Unreleased, Dial-A-Song, Free When You Call From Work, Power Of Dial-A-Song II: More Power To You
year 1990
run time 2:30
sung by John Linnell


  • Lyrics and instrumentation are nearly identical to the final studio version.

Song Themes

Bad English, Children, Criminal Activities, Games, Gratitude, Lies And Deception, Money, Oblique Cliches Or Idiom, Occupations, People (Imaginary), Puns, Recycled Material, References To Other Songs Or Musicians, Self-Reference, Sex, Titles And Honorifics


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