Live In Nashville

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song name Live in Nashville
artist They Might Be Giants
releases The Frank O' Toole Show
year 1985
run time 1:14
sung by 'P.H. Wolverine' and John Flansburgh


  • This recording was a fake live show at "the Brand New Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee" created by the band, using crowd sound effects and the songs Number Three and Cowtown from the 1985 Demo Tape. John Flansburgh said of the recording: "The script was kind of dashed together so there are many lighthearted gags stuffed in there."[1]
  • "P.H. Wolverine" may be a fake nickname given to a friend of the band for the interview, similar to Jennifer Neff being given the nickname of "Doris Cunningham".

Song Themes

Dial-A-Song Reference, Places (Real), Spoken Word, Telecommunication


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