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Richard Nixon's Free Tunes was a service that ran from 2003-07 where a new, rare, or live song would be released from the band periodically as a free MP3 download.

Free Tunes (2003-2007)[edit]

Here are all of the songs known to have been featured on the Free Tunes page. The MP3 links required a username and password (tmbg / thespinesurfs), which was viewable after signing up for TMBG's mailing list. Free MP3s[edit]


These songs were available on the free MP3s page on between 2002 and 2003:


In 2006, posted a few more free MP3s:

Early Dial-A-Song Online[edit]


Shortly after the creation of the original in 1996, up until 2000 when spun off into an interactive streaming site, TMBG ran a Dial-A-Song page that was updated every few months with some new (and old) music.

QuickTime MOV era (pre-Flash version of

WAV era (the old page):