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Richard Nixon's Free Tunes is a service where every few months, a new, rare, or live song would be released from the band to be downloaded for free.

The Free Tunes page itself can still be accessed at However, no songs have been posted to the website since late 2007, with later endeavors like the They Might Be Giants Podcast taking precedence.

Free Tunes (2003-2007)[edit]

Here are all of the songs known to have been featured on the Free Tunes page.

The MP3 links require a username and password (tmbg and thespinesurfs), which was viewable after signing up for TMBG's mailing list. Free MP3s[edit]


These songs were available on the free MP3s page on between 2002 and 2003:


In 2006, posted a few more free MP3s:

Early Dial-A-Song Online[edit]


Shortly after the creation of the original in 1996, up until 2000 when spun off into an interactive streaming site, TMBG ran a Dial-A-Song page that was updated every few months with some new (and old) music.

QuickTime MOV era (pre-Flash version of

WAV era (the old page):