Live Like Pigs

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song name Live Like Pigs
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Unreleased, Dial-A-Song, Free When You Call From Work, Power Of Dial-A-Song II: More Power To You
year 1985
run time 0:36
sung by Jennifer Neff


  • Used in the Frank O'Toole Show in 1987, but with responses from John and John instead of silence. This recording is also missing the question about English bands, which was present in the Frank O'Toole Show recording.
  • From the FAQ archive: "The recording ... was an excerpt from a promotional tape we made in 1985 which was a fake interview interspersed with real songs by TMBG. The voice of the interviewer was our friend Jennifer Neff."

Song Themes

Animals, German, Hair, Long, Long, Non-John Vocals


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