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Idlewild Recordings is the name of TMBG's own record label, which began operation in 2002. Idlewild was the popular nickname of New York International, until it was renamed John F. Kennedy International Airport in 1964. As this name is a bit of New York historical geography with a transportation angle, was supplanted by a president from the band's home state, and is made up of two words that can be complimentary or contradictory, depending on the meaning you choose, it seems to be an ideal name for the band to use.

The recordings for the They Might Be Giants Instant Fan Club are also distributed by Idlewild.

In 2013, the band announced that "all Idlewild Recordings will be manufactured and distributed by Megaforce Records" who, according to John Flansburgh, "have a great approach to this challenging 21st century music business." Previously, the label worked in conjunction with Rounder Records, which handled distribution.


Release Year Other labels Catalog
No! 2002 Rounder 11661-8113-2
They Got Lost 2002 IDLE 102
The Spine 2004 Zoë 01143-1041-2
The Spine Surfs Alone (EP) 2004 IDLE 103
The Spine Hits The Road 2004 none
Almanac 2004 none
Venue Songs 2005 IR-107
Here Come The ABCs 2005 Disney Sound multiple
Severe Tire Damage (CD reissue) 2006 Zoë 01143-1096-2
The Else 2007 Zoë 01143-1117
Here Come The 123s 2008 Disney Sound multiple
Here Comes Science 2009 Disney Sound multiple
Join Us 2011 Rounder 11661-9127
IFC Exclusive 7" 2011 IDLE 121
TMBG's Other Thing Brass Band (EP) 2011 IDLE 122
Album Raises New And Troubling Questions 2011 none
Them Ain't Big Eye Ants 2012 none
Four Covers From TMBG 2012 IDLE 125
IFC Exclusive 7" 2012 IDLE 126
At Large 2012 IDLE 127
IFC Exclusive Kids 7" 2012 IDLE 128
Nanobots 2013 Megaforce 20286-21313
The Avatars Of They (EP) 2013 IDLE 129
No School Today (Danny Weinkauf album) 2014 Megaforce IDLE 133
Idlewild 2014 IDLE 132
Live In Berlin 2015 IDLE 134
Glean 2015 Megaforce IDLE 140
Why? 2015 Megaforce IDLE 141
Phone Power 2016 Megaforce IDLE 142
I Like Fun 2018 Megaforce IDLE 144
Lincoln (red vinyl reissue) 2018 Megaforce IDLE 146
The Communists Have The Music (Single) 2018 IDLE 148
The Escape Team 2018 IDLE 145
John Henry Demos 2018 IDLE 147
My Murdered Remains 2018 IDLE 149
IFC Exclusive Live CD 2018 IDLE 150
They Might Be Giants (pink vinyl reissue) 2019 IDLE 151
Don't Let's Start (EP) (clear vinyl reissue) 2019 IDLE 152
Flood (picture disc vinyl reissue) 2020 Elektra IDLE 154
Cease & Desist 2020 IDLE 155
IFC Exclusive CD 2020 IDLE 159
BOOK 2021 IDLE 157
IFC Exclusive CD 2021 IDLE 160
Roman Songs 2021 IDLE 162
The Pamphlet EP 2021 none
Mink Car (first vinyl issue) 2022 IDLE 165
Join Us (clear vinyl reissue) 2022 IDLE 177

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