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  • The They Might Be Giants Instant Fan Club returns for a third year.
  • They Might Be Giants release a new song every Tuesday as a new iteration of Dial-A-Song. First made available through Dial-A-Song Direct, the songs would all eventually be physically released on Glean, Why?, and in 2016, Phone Power, with the final stragglers collected on More Murdered Remains in 2018.
  • Flood Live In Australia, a live version of Flood, is released for free online on February 22.
  • Glean is released on April 21; it contains fifteen tracks from the first few months of the Dial-A-Song Direct project.
  • In July, Instant Fan Club members receive exclusive copies of TMBG's first physically released concert video recording, Live In Berlin.
  • They Might Be Giants release Why?, their fifth children's album, in November.
  • The band releases a limited-edition LP reissue of Flood for Instant Fan Club members, including a bonus disc containing the band's live performances of songs from the album.