TMBG's Upcoming 24th Album

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Studio album by They Might Be Giants
First released TBA Tracks TBA Last album BOOK
Label Idlewild Recordings Length TBA

The 24th studio album by They Might Be Giants is currently in production.


They Might Be Giants began referencing work on their next studio album in late 2021. The first studio photos and clips from the album's production were posted on the @tmbgofficial Instagram on October 2 & 3, 2021[1][2][3][4][5][6], with more on April 12, 2022[7].

John and John began mentioning their work on the next album in interviews during BOOK's press cycle, such as this quote from John Flansburgh in an October 18, 2021 Stereogum interview:

Writing and recording and doing this stuff, it's such a strange compulsion for us, and it's something that we do whether we're prompted to or not. I mean, we're actually working in earnest right now on the next album, and this album [BOOK] hasn't even come out yet. So it is something that we just do. But that's healthy. I think having a laboratory environment for your songwriting and whatever your creative process is, treating it like it's just one big experiment is a great way to work, and it's a great way to feel.

Potential songs for inclusion[edit]

  • "Killing"[8]
  • "Tan Minivans"[9]
  • Track with "Attention" in the title[10]
  • "You Heart Your Bad Attitude"[11]