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  • The Coraline soundtrack, which features TMBG's Other Father Song, is released on February 3rd.
  • TMBG wins a Grammy in the "Best Children's Musical Album" category, on February 8th. This is the band's second Grammy award.
  • The music videos for Here Comes Science are privately uploaded to Vimeo from June 29 to June 30, in preparation for the album's release in September.
  • Flood is certified platinum by the RIAA, on July 10.
  • The DVD for Here Comes Science is authored on July 14, and promotional copies are issued shortly after.
  • A new episode of the They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Podcast is uploaded on August 27, ending a hiatus that had begun in June 2008, although mistakenly posted in the main podcast feed as "Podcast 39". This ultimately ends up being the final episode of the podcast, as the band's contract with Disney ends merely a few days later due to the release of Here Comes Science.
  • The children's DVD/CD set Here Comes Science appears on iTunes on August 31, a day ahead of its projected release date. Its physical release on Amazon is delayed until September 8 due to a large influx of preorders. The album is then widely released on September 22.
  • The book and accompanying DVD Kids Go! is released on November 3rd.

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