The Avatars Of They (EP)

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The Avatars Of They ep cover
The Avatars Of They
EP by The Avatars Of They
First released August 2013
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Tracks 4
Label Idlewild <IDLE 129> Length 6:26

The Avatars of They is the eponymous debut EP of They Might Be Giants's sock puppet alter-egos, The Avatars Of They. Released in 2013, the EP is the third non-exclusive 7" vinyl recording from Idlewild, and the first to run at 45 RPM. The EP includes the Avatars' two previously released studio tracks, as well as one that was previously IFC-exclusive and a new exclusive track. The 7" was available from TMBG's merch store as a limited edition of 300 copies.

Although John Linnell had originally dispelled rumors of an independent release from the Avatars, the band eventually decided to record a few tracks under the moniker due to popular audience demand.


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Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 He's Loco 1:46


2 Ratcatcher Day 1:16


3 Goatee 1:32


4 3 Chords, 2 Teeth, 1 Eye 1:52



  • The labels for this 7" were designed by Paul Sahre, who also did the art surrounding Join Us, Nanobots, and for the other Idlewild 7"s.
  • The side A label shows an image of a hand holding an iPhone, while the side B label features a picture of a phonograph.
  • Unlike previous Idlewild EPs, which were packaged in plain paper sleeves, The Avatars of They came in a slightly larger, glossy sleeve.