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  • They Might Be Giants Instant Fan Club begins again.
  • The band revives Dial-A-Song for 2018, releasing new songs throughout the year.
  • TMBG begins releasing songs about The Escape Team, the subject of a comic book by David Cowles, opening with "Dr. Sy Fly" on January 10.
  • I Like Fun, TMBG's twentieth studio album, is released on January 19.
  • TMBG contribute the song "Thankful For Your Service", a song about the 3rd Amendment, to a compilation album with songs for each amendment of the United States Constitution.
  • My Murdered Remains is released in December, collecting most of the 2018 Dial-A-Song material not found on I Like Fun or The Escape Team. It is bundled with a bonus disc that captures other 2018 material, along with a number of songs from the 2015 iteration of Dial-A-Song that had not yet been officially released on an album.