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Hi. My name's Matt. I am a huge TMBG fan. I started listening to them in 2002 when I bought Flood at a garage sale. I vaguely heard about TMBG on the internet and heard 1 or 2 of their songs. I listened to Flood and fell in love with TMBG. About a week later I was at a music store and saw Mink Car and bought it. A few months ago I bought The Spine. I live in San Antonio, TX. I have not been to any concerts, but i've heard just about every TMBG song out there in one way or another (I am pretty good with computers and I know the secrets of the internet) I also saw the Tiny Toons videos for Particle Man and Istanbul when Tiny Toons was on tv. I also remember watching some video on nickelodeon that had Dr. Worm in it.

I plan on attending my first TMBG concert on March 5, 2008.


This is a copy of The Else on vinyl signed by John Linnell, John Flansburgh, Dan Miller, and Frank Vilardi.

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  Album Favorite Least Favorite
1 The Pink Album Rabid Child The Day
2 Lincoln Where Your Eyes Don't Go You'll Miss Me
3 Flood We Want A Rock Hot Cha
4 Apollo 18 My Evil Twin Spider
5 John Henry Thermostat Out Of Jail
6 Factory Showroom Till My Head Falls Off Exquisite Dead Guy
7 Long Tall Weekend Rat Patrol (She Thinks She's) Edith Head
8 Mink Car My Man Mr. Xcitement
9 The Spine Thunderbird Spines
10 The Else Upside Down Frown Withered Hope
11 Join Us Can't Keep Johnny Down Celebration
12 Nanobots Lost My Mind Black Ops

Click here to see a photo of all of the TMBG music that I own.