Wiggle Diskette

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Wiggle Diskette demo cover
Wiggle Diskette
Demo by They Might Be Giants
First released March 30, 1985
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Tracks 2 Last demo 1984 Promotional Demo Tape
Label TMB Music <850647S> Length 4:22 Next demo 1985 Promotional Demo Tape
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The Wiggle Diskette (as the record pronounces itself), They Might Be Giants' first official release, is a one-sided 7" flexi-disc (round, not square) released on March 30, 1985, produced by Bill Krauss, engineered by Al Houghton and Alex Noyes, and with drum programming by Chris Butler. The release was limited-edition of 1000 copies. The tracks included were "Everything Right Is Wrong" and "You'll Miss Me", both of which resurfaced in drastically rearranged versions on their debut album and Lincoln, respectively. The cover artwork features a photo of a young girl at a wool machine threading wool, with a small photo of the Johns at the bottom. Above, THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS is modestly printed. Some copies were distributed by stapling or taping bagged copies to telephone poles and street signs around Manhattan,[1] as well as nailing them to trees around Tompkins Square Park.[2]

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Everything Right Is Wrong 2:25  N/A
2 You'll Miss Me 1:57  N/A


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I think it was in the middle of '84 that we decided we were gonna ask a friend to loan us a drum machine in order to make a record with, instead of with the real drums we had been recording with. I think the machine we used at the time was a DMX. Boy, I don't even know what's happened to those things now. It was state of the art then, and I listen to the tape now and the sound just sounds like one of those things that are attached to your parlor organ, like the rhythm, you know.

  • In the same interview, John Linnell also said that the disc was made for a magazine.
  • Early releases of the Wiggle Diskette came with an extra "Norwegian for Travellers" Berlitz disc.[3]