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Dan Miller (October 5, 2008)

Dan Miller (born October 3, 1967) has been TMBG's lead guitarist since the late 1990s, and previously performed with the bands Edith O and Lincoln. Miller left Lincoln following an argument in a hotel room in Winston-Salem, N.C. in mid-1998. He hitchhiked back home and shortly thereafter, John Flansburgh called to offer him a spot as lead guitarist for TMBG's fall 1998 tour in support of Severe Tire Damage.[1]

He has also toured with John Flansburgh as Mono Puff's guitarist in the late 90s, and played with John Linnell And The Statesmen during Linnell's State Songs tour.

Miller is known to sing backup on live performances of tracks such as "Doctor Worm," "Experimental Film," "Yeh Yeh," "Fingertips," and several of the Venue Songs. He also plays keyboard on a few of the songs where Linnell is playing accordion, such as "Doctor Worm", "The Darlings Of Lumberland", "Let's Get This Over With", and "Alphabet Of Nations." Miller co-wrote the song "Infinity" with his former college roommate Robert Sharenow on Here Come The 123s. It is his only lead vocal contribution on a TMBG studio album to date.

In addition to playing with TMBG, Dan and Marty Beller have their own musical production firm called MartyDan Industries. Working together, the duo has created music for film, TV, and commercials. Dan is also credited on Jonathan Coulton's album Artificial Heart.


Miller is originally from Rochester, NY. On June 21, 2008[2], Miller was married to Annette Berry, a graphic artist and art director in Manhattan, who is credited with design on Long Tall Weekend. They have a daughter, Piper, born in the fall of 2010.

Band Of Dans Profile[edit]

Dan Miller (July 11, 2009)
  • Birthday : October 3rd
  • Plays: Fender Guitars, Rivera Amps
  • Takes His Coffee: Light, no sugar
  • Favorite recordings: Don Lennon / Maniac "He opened for Mono Puff at a gig in Boston. We were all impressed and his disk is played every day on the tour bus (no matter who disagrees)." Queen / News Of The World "Unabashed rock excess. Classic songs mixed with 'take no prisoners' production." Pat Metheny / Offramp "As fuzaky as people think this record is, his music changed my life. I'm from a small town where you don't see a lot of music. I was a musician before I saw him perform, but I never knew I could feel that way about music. It's very visceral, a totally sublime event."
  • First Gig: "The band was called Opüs at the JCC Community Center, Rochester New York. We opened with "Eye Of The Tiger" and did a few Grateful Dead songs, a couple of Pink Floyd songs, and "Games People Play" by the Alan Parsons Project. Someone poured water over me and I got shocked off my feet."
  • Liquor of choice: John Daniels

(theymightbegiants.com, 1999)

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