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Springville, UT.

Hey everyone. What's up? I'm Stesha, I'm 18 years old, and I'm sitting here watching Gigantic while I'm typing this. Hooray for coffee!

I became a TMBG fan in 2005. I guess I had some exposure to Them beforehand, but not much. I knew They had written the Malcolm theme song (which I hated until I became a fan), I had (apparently) seen the Tiny Toons videos (I was 2 or 3 at the time, and sick, so I don't remember), I had seen the Dee Dee And Dexter and Courage the Cowardly Dog videos on Cartoon Network and liked them, and, more recently, had seen and loved the Experimental Film video. The real fandom began in June '05 when my dad taped the Music Choice concert. We (my family) watched it and loved it, and then found out that They were coming to Springville, of all places (gasp!). So of course we got tickets, went to the show and loved it.

Everyone in my house is now a fan. My dad and I own 2 accordions each, and we love them and play them all the time. I learned to play the guitar because of Them. (My sister isn't as big of a fan as my dad and I. She's over there saying, "This movie is boring." Boo.) I own 5 TMBG t-shirts and almost every TMBG album and DVD that I know of (except the McSweeney's thing, which I'll get as soon as I have $50 to spend as I please, and the Live!! NYC thing), including Long Tall Weekend (thank you, eMusic free trial!). I also own State Songs and the Montana single, Unsupervised, and a copy of It's Fun To Steal. Next on my list are EPs. (I'm sure you all really need to know this. But it's my page and no one said you had to read it.)

Okay, you get the idea: I really love TMBG. Really. I could go on about how they helped my mental health, too, but I won't, because this is getting long and my hands are getting tired. Maybe later.

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Probably loads more, but I can't think of any right now.

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