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Hai, I'm Primm.
Bios are hard so I'll keep this short. I'm a nerdy girl who likes doing computery things and listening to music!
I hope you like my page - I'll hopefully update it sometime in the future.

Favourite Song From Each Album[edit]

They Might Be Giants Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes
Lincoln Snowball In Hell
Flood We Want A Rock
Apollo 18 I Palindrome I
John Henry The End Of The Tour
Factory Showroom Spiraling Shape
Long Tall Weekend Certain People I Could Name
Mink Car Hovering Sombrero
No! Four Of Two
The Spine Broke In Two
Here Come The ABCs E Eats Everything
The Else The Shadow Government
Here Come The 123s I Never Go To Work
Here Comes Science Put It To The Test
Join Us 2082
Nanobots Tesla
Glean All The Lazy Boyfriends
Why? Elephants
I Like Fun Push Back The Hands
My Murdered Remains Ampersand
The Escape Team Chip The CHiP
BOOK Brontosaurus

Primm's Collection
Apollo 18BOOKFactory ShowroomFloodFloodFloodGleanHere Come The 123sHere Come The ABCsHere Comes ScienceJoin UsLong Tall WeekendNanobotsPhone PowerThe ElseThe SpineThey Might Be Giants (Album)