This Day In TMBG History/January

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2000 – John Linnell, backed by The Statesmen, performs the single "Montana" from his solo album State Songs on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, marking the first and only solo performance from a member of They Might Be Giants to be broadcast on television. Watch the performance via YouTube.


2000 – TMBG releases their cover of "Whence That Wince" on YouTube.



2018 – The first track of the 2018 iteration of Dial-A-Song, "All Time What", is released.


1896 – Utah becomes the 45th state. It will be the basis of the State Songs song "Utah".


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2015 – Dial-A-Song triumphantly returns with the start of Dial-A-Song (2015). The service premieres with the new track "Erase".


1943 – Having brought the X-ray photo and AC power to the world, Tesla is found dead on the floor of the Hotel New Yorker.


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2000 – Malcolm in the Middle, for which They Might Be Giants contributed the theme and incidental music, is first broadcast. Its theme song, "Boss Of Me", wins TMBG their first Grammy two years later, for Best Song Written for a Movie or TV Show.


TasteTheFame 2.jpg

2004 – An episode of Home Movies, entitled "Camp", premieres. The episode features a number of original songs by They Might Be Giants and guest voice-overs by John and John, who portray multiple characters, including a pair of camp counselors that teach music class.



1990 – Flood, They Might Be Giants' third studio album and major label debut, is released. It becomes their first album to become RIAA-certified Gold in 1993, and their first album to go Platinum in 2009.


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2018 – TMBG unleash their 20th studio album, I Like Fun, on the world.



2013 – TMBG releases They Might Be Giants, their free iOS application. The app, designed in collaboration with Paul Sahre, Hine Mizushima, and Scarface, lets fans listen to five different tracks, which may be new songs, rarities, television and commercial themes, or other TMBG tracks.


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2013 – Nanobots EP becomes available digitally, previewing three tracks from the upcoming Nanobots album.


2012 – The RIAA certifies the DVDs for both Here Come The 123s and Here Comes Science as Gold (50,000 copies sold each).

1837 – Michigan, exemplar of unchecked replication, becomes the 26th state. It later inspires John Linnell to write the State Songs tune "Michigan".


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1891 – Brigadier General Ralph Hospital, John Flansburgh's grandfather, is born in Washington, D.C. He goes on to fight in both World War I and World War II, and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. General Hospital is featured on the cover of Lincoln, behind the podium on the right side of the shrine; in the music video for "Ana Ng"; and on the back of They'll Need A Crane.



1997 – The Kit Kat Acoustic Break, featuring TMBG, is broadcast on college radio stations nationwide.